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First child interrupted.

Another child is born to the family.

Everything from here on in leads to a lifetime of accommodating. Sharing the love, your toys and someone else’s time. You will be bonded through similar experiences and upbringing. Good and bad.

Who else will know you as long or as well as your parents then your siblings?

If you are lucky, when you need them most, they will be there.

The moment Ryan was declared missing both my brother, Kevin and Scott’s sister, Brenda dropped everything and came. From Scotland and from Beaumont, they came. We needed them and they came.

I wanted nothing more for my own children then the feeling of belonging. To themselves and to each other.

Ryan, as the oldest, often left the feeling of big brotherly love to be desired. He teased, mocked and sometimes never let up on either. He could be selfish with his stuff and stingy with his time.

But he loved his sisters.

One of my biggest regrets will be not to see the completeness oh his relationship with Jordyn and Julianna.

They were just beginning to find their rhythm.

But what I know for certain, wherever Ryan is, his love for his sisters is strong, true and full of never ending love.

He will forever watch over them as they navigate throughout their lives.

After all, that is what big brothers are for. @ Sun Peaks Resort