“The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies.” ~Kate McGahan

Hope and new beginnings.

Tiny buds peeking up from their dormat dwellings bring forth an expectation that beauty shall soon bloom. The warmth of a rising sun tells tales of adventures that await; to those that seize the chance.

Blessings and gratitude abound.

Not so long ago, such feelings felt like a betrayal. If you have suffered unimaginable loss, peace does not come easily. You loath to express the tiniest words that anyone might mistake as moving on.

And yet I have always searched for a silver lining. I have held tight to a faith that comes from family, friends and a love that is a high as the mountains and as wide as the sea.

That brings grace.

Everything looks and feels differently now. We all feel it, don’t we?

This Easter, I sit in my house that has been our comfort and our safety for the past few weeks and I marvel at all the changes.

The sound of laughter comes from every corner, ringing out with childish games and harmless pranks. The girls are connecting in ways, I thought lost to them. Huddled together, they have become friends.

Nights filled with games, puzzles and movies ; unending matches of Wii Bowling make up our entertainment.

Heart to heart conversations filled with dreams have open our minds to a world of opportunities and understandings.

Some day soon, the world will get back on track. There will be a time when we can resume a life of normality.

But what if we venture off the beaten path? What if we decide something different? Pursued a life that brings more than just material wealth?

Perhaps we can honour those that have gone before with a new ideology that nothing is wasted and no one is lost forever. We can have and will chose new beginnings.

Happy Easter. Stay safe.