Heather’s Blog

So many “First days”. Scott’s Birthday, Ryans 21st Birthday, my birthday and Easter have all come and gone. I want to say we managed these days of celebrations without our son. But in reality, we haven’t found him. So we will have to experience all these moments again once we know.

I woke up prepared to be unable to face the day ahead. In the past , we shall call them the days of feeling whole, the kids would wake up and make me breakfast in bed. Ryan would be of little to no help. He would stand off while the girls handed me their presents. And then with great flourish and a half smile, he would hand me his gift. Since he worked, he was confident that his present would always be better then his sisters and their homemade gifts.

Today was different, I won’t lie. Except it was the same.

Scott and the kids including Maddy, Cohen, Nike and Dany made me breakfast. These beautiful babes gave me gifts and homemade cards. I smiled through my tears and they comforted me with hugs.

The rest of the day was filled with love. People stopped by with gifts. Beautiful heartfelt presents meant to lift my spirits and soothe my soul.

And still they searched.

The evening ended with everyone coming together for a birthday dinner.

As I sat surrounded by amazing and giving people, I realized that my son did it again.

He waited until the all the gifts were opened before giving me his own.

He can’t be with me but he gave me the gift of all of you. You filled my day with love and light.

And I know that in, the dark days ahead, the gift he has given me will be my solace.

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