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Some girls have dreamed of their Prince Charming the moment they twirled around in fancy gowns and dress up shoes.

23 years ago, I thought I had found mine.

Hmmmm…I wonder if you will judge me if I confess that in the last 8 weeks I have found myself so many more.

Wait, wait. Let me explain by telling you about two and maybe you will forgive me.

On day 16, I wrote asking everyone to believe. I asked for your faith in our knowledge of ourselves and our son.

And you delivered.

But the very next day, Wilf walked in to the command centre and has never left.

He believes with a ferocity that bolsters me when my own faith wanes.

He smells like sweetgrass and sage.

And I feel peace and light radiating from him each day.

And then there is Gerry. Strong and determined, fit and tireless. Gerry has been with us for the last 4 1/2 weeks with little to no time off.

I think we might be growing on him. He seems a bit gruff and let’s be honest, he did fire me, but he has a heart of gold. He can always tell within 10 mins who has come from Beaumont to search. 😬

And yet, he shows up every day. He walks every new volunteer through the ground search process. Over and over, with such patience and confidence. We would be lost without him.

I adore them both.

I will let you in on a secret I only recently discovered.

Who you are is who you are.

You will have the chance to grow over time influenced by life experience and your environment. If you are lucky, you will be someone that people gravitate to. Because you are good and you are kind. You can’t just expect people to rise to the occasion and be more then they were before because tragedy has struck.

These men were hero’s before they came to me. They were loved and respected before I happened to need them.

They will be my Prince Charming’s well beyond my time here.

I pray that what they do for others will forever be multiplied upon them.

Because of them, I am able to rise. Because of all of my Prince Charmings’ I can do this one more day.

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