Heather’s Blog

The landscape has changed so drastically since the day this all began.

Not enough certainly. If that were so, perhaps Scott, Jordyn, Julianna and I would have the answers we so desperately crave.

But seasons change. Winter casts off its icy grip and the soft buds of spring slowly emerge.

Despite all that, our days remain the same.

Each day, every day, we head to the command center to open up. This will be the third one we have operated from. I hope it will be the last.

We go through the maps to determine the areas of focus for the day. We organize our volunteer sign in lists and log the snowshoes and the probes.

And we wait.

Rarely have we had less then 8-10 people searching. The response has been amazing. How can words ever express the gratitude? I want to write the perfect words but they escape me.

Our volunteers, outfitted with equipment and armed with what knowledge we have to impart, head out to do ground searches. 2 hours, 1/2 day or full, it doesn’t matter. Anything can happen in a second, or in a span of a minute. I know that well enough.

On the days I feel well enough to search, I search. More days then I like, I stay in the command center.

I greet. I plan. I feed. I worry. I wonder.

Scott digs, probes and prods. I don’t know what he thinks in the hours he is by himself. But I do know he is enough. He has done enough. And tomorrow he will do more then enough.

The snow falls, melts and falls again.

Day turns to night to day again. And the weeks go by.

But we don’t lose hope.

Because the landscape changes and we are one step closer. @ Sun Peaks Resort