Heather’s Blog

Once upon a time …..

There was a young man, tall and handsome who yearned for an adventure. Excitement filled his head longing for the unknown soared in his veins. Little did he know the tragedy that was about to unfold……..

I suppose it will come as no surprise, I like to read. As a child, I would spend hours with my head in a book. When the fairytales failed to end the way I wanted them to, I wrote my own.

As a child, Ryan loved to read almost as much as I did. It was some of our best moments, reading together.

As he grew older, his love for make believe changed from books to PlayStation. I regretted the hours spent on something that I felt didn’t engage his brain.


Ryan introduced me to World of Warcraft.

“Mom, Papa has this game. You would totally like it. “. My look of disdain evident as he continued. “ You create characters and go on quests. You can play with teams. It’s so much fun. Can we get it?”

My silence causes Ryan to rapidly rethink his strategy.

“ You can be like a elf They are so pretty…. just like you”

Well now my curiosity is piqued. And buying the game becomes a must. After all, who can resist a pretty elven creature uncannily just like you??? 😉

I admit I did like the game. I will also admit that, as with my book reading, I may have become a little obsessive with playing.

It didn’t occur to me just how involved I was in the game until one particular day. It was a PD day. The girls were at a sleepover. Ryan woke me up early, pleased we had the whole day to ourselves. We quested throughout the day, barely stopping. Ryan growing hungry went to make macaroni. I think my call to action interrupted him. It wasn’t until later, when I went to the kitchen and discovered that he had put the hot pot on the counter top.

Oh yes… you guessed it… totally burnt the top. A huge scorched mark evident to Scott when he came home from work.

I am not proud to tell you that Ryan and I made a pact that day. We would lie about how much time we, mostly me, spent on the game. He allowed me to “ express my disappointment “ in him in front of his dad. I shook my head and told Scott I would take care of it.

The price was completing the hardest dungeon with him so he could get something epic.

Like in all things, our attention shifted and our interests changed.

But my belief in fairytales still exists.

Every tale has a hero and a villain. I want to believe in a happily ever after.