Heather’s Blog

Ryan, I wonder if you will ever know how much you have done?

For me.

For your dad.

For Jordyn and Julianna.

For our friends and family.

But most importantly for other people.

Yesterday a bus of 55 people, the majority we have never met before, stepped onto a bus. 15 hours of travel time to head through Edmonton and Red Deer.

They came.

And they searched.

Because you inspired them.

For some it was to support our family during this tragedy. For others, perhaps, they will have stepped outside what is known or comfortable to accomplish something they have never done before. How amazing is that, baby boy?

People told me, in the early days, that you would change the world. I will confess, that seemed slightly outrageous.

And then it struck me.

When people commit to helping others, often they are scared of the response. Will it be accepted? Will the person understand my intention? Is it even wanted?

However, the moment you give of yourself, the scariest part has passed. And you realize the reaction is less important then the pure intention behind the good deed. And it becomes commonplace. Something extraordinary becomes normal.

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful world; where random acts of kindness becomes the norm? Where having empathy and compassion for your fellow man is as natural as breathing? Where we become a global family tied together with kindness and love?

I suppose all it takes is one step. And for my son, I am willing to put my foot forward and walk.

Thank you each and every one of one that move forward each day. You volunteer, you pray, you donate, you share and you organize.

Ryan may have made a difference in the way we now view the world, but don’t kid yourself.; it is because you wanted the world you knew to change.

You just needed a reason.

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