Heather’s Blog

Some days I feel like we take 2 steps forward only to go 4 steps back.

Sun Peaks has experienced a record snowfall this year. So wonderful for weekend getaways and local ski enthusiasts, hell for Scott and I.

15 cms fell the night Ryan went missing. It continued to snow the whole first week.

If that wasn’t enough, it was bitterly cold. -26 in the early morning of Saturday February 17th with little warmth to follow.

In the six weeks that have followed, the sun will shine, the snow will melt and our hopes of this nightmare ending grows steadily.

And then…. like we are trapped in a giant snow globe, someone shakes us up.

The clouds ominously appear and billowy snowflakes fall like my teardrops, steady and constant.

I just want it all to stop. Please stop. Haven’t we done enough, learned enough, fought enough??

I wish I could love it like you do, Ryan. Full of adventure and discovery. Winter wonderlands yet to be discovered and explored.

But I can’t find you until it stops. You are like a needle in a haystack that continually gets covered. Like nothing has passed this way… no marker, no steps and no trace.

“Please stop snowing” I beg .

I would give all that I have, all that I know to be able to control this weather.

How long must my son be lost?

When will we have suffered enough?

When will our steps move us forward to seeing you again my son?

Soon, I pray. Soon.

@ Sun Peaks Resort