Heather’s Blog

I want to tell you a story.

It’s not a fairytale but rather a love story.

Completely predictable and incredibly boring except for the two people it involves.

Scott and I met 23 years ago February at a bar in Edmonton (who hasn’t?). I will admit I thought he was cute. He asked me out and I, having no other immediate options, agreed.

I remember him picking me up in his old green pickup. He came to the door and upon opening it, I discovered my “cute” date was actually very handsome. Shhh.. don’t tell him, it will go to his head.

Fast forward, the first date, the first kiss, the first of well everything.

We moved in together April 1st, he asked me to marry him in July and we said our vows September 16th. 7 1/2 months after meeting. You can only imagine the side glances everyone gave me as I sipped on wine throughout the evening. 🤔 However Ryan did not bless our lives until 2 years later. The suddenness I suppose is shocking but we just knew. Not sappy movie love but rather a quiet enduring love that has more ups then downs, more joy then anger. The kind of love that can overcome this type of tragedy.

Scott had just turned 21 the year we got married.

The irony is not lost on me that Ryan was almost the same age and yet I couldn’t even imagine him following Scott’s footsteps. He seemed so young. Not quite immature but rather inexperienced in life.

But do not despair ; for my son loved.

He was blessed to have fallen in love and be committed to another. He had his first kiss, first dance, and his first “I love you”. He had butterflies, longing of mutual attraction and the euphoria that comes from someone sharing the same feelings.

In essence…My son had the capacity to experience love in all its beauty and receive it so deeply.

How many of us can say that?

Not all love is meant to last. Some will teach us what it means to love another , some will break our hearts so that we may learn to love better and some will just fade away because we neglected to treat love like the treasure it is.

Each love story has a beginning and an ending. It does not matter how long you love or who you love, only that you do.

How wonderful Ryan had his own love story.