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The road less travelled often leads to destinations unknown and experiences unmeasured. I find the very thought utterly delightful.

“Mommy did you know that Australia has like 9 out of 10 of the world’s deadliest creatures.” “Well yes, love bug”, I reply as we sit watching The Worlds 10 Deadliest Creatures. “Man that sounds so cool. I think we should go there.” says my confident 10 year old.

Now I am going to be completely honest, going someplace where there is a strong possibility I will get eaten, or bitten has never been high on my list. That and anywhere the average dress size is 0. However Australia has an unparalleled beauty that does appeal to me.

So it always surprised me that the moment Ryan turned 18 and was working for a living, he didn’t jump at the first opportunity to travel. After all I work for an airline. That’s what we do: travel.

“Ry… you should go to Amsterdam. Land of awesome coffee shops and the Red Light District”.

He shakes his head.

“What about Scotland. Go visit Uncle Kevin and Auntie Donna. Great stopover to anywhere in Europe.”

“Nah.. I’m okay”.

I learned to stop asking. After all, my dreams cannot be my children’s. They need to pave their own way.

Maybe Ryan discovered that you don’t need to travel so far away to find delight in an adventure. After all, Dorothy discovered that very fact after clicking her ruby red shoes.

Today, we explored the area that was Ryan’s temporary Home. We hiked to these beautiful waterfalls.

And in the middle of nowhere, there is this rock perched as though precariously teetering. How deceiving it is. Although it looks like it may come crashing down at any given minute, it is more solid then you think.

I travelled 10 minutes from my temporary home to see what Ryan wants me to know.

Beauty can be found anywhere.

You are stronger then you think.

@ Sun Peaks Resort