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🎼It’s not easy being green …..in a world that is so blue🎼

I want you to picture me singing that one little line. A little throaty and maybe a little bluesey. I am not saying it’s accurate, I am just saying I want you to picture me in tune.

I like to make up little songs to sing to my children.

At first it was to hear my own voice after being with babies all day.

“Stretchy monkeys stretchy monkeys” I would coo to them as they lay there in the crib peering up at me.

Oh how their eyes would light up and smiles would spread across their face.

This particular song was meant to coax the kids out of their “woes is me” mood.

I mean …come on who can stay grumpy to a Kermit the Frog ditty. Simply impossible. I could see the makings of a smile as they muttered “Fine”.

I suppose the real reason I sang funny songs to them was was to see my children smile at the silliness of a grown up. After all, as life goes on and our responsibility grows, we stop being childish.

Why do we do that, do you suppose;

lose the ability to laugh at ourselves or find the simple joy that life can bring?

I wish I had been more free and less consumed by what others might think. There is still time, I remind myself. My journey is not yet done.

I confess, though, these days feel particularly heavy.

On the one hand, the snow is melting. I see dirt and ground and less snow. That is promising. On the other, is the dismal fact that we haven’t found Ryan.


Logically, I know that the places that are now bare, wouldn’t be the areas Ryan would be in. Or we would have found him by now.

But still I suffer. Fear, regret, grief.

And then like a soft flutter, I hear the whispers of a song stirring in my head…

@ Sun Peaks Resort