Heather’s Blog

No man is an island.

As we navigate through some of the most trying times of our lives…. I am left with this thought.

Since Sunday February 18th, Scott and I have never been alone.

We have never had to wonder what it is like to learn this process of search and rescue without support. We have never had to, in our moments of quiet, wonder if the other has done enough.

We have been surrounded by love, by friendship and by unending support. We have learned to lean on others to find our strength.

They have let us cry, dried our tears and made us laugh. They have put their lives on hold, searched without complaint and continued to come back because the thought of us being alone has become unbearable to them.

We never knew.

Oh …,it’s important to love your partner. Your greatest joy can come from this singular relationship with another that shares the same goals and dreams.

But I believe that this is not enough.

And although you may never experience the kind of tragedy that we are now facing ….. having someone to have your back is paramount.

It is important for your growth. It is imperative for your soul.

To know that there are people in this world that believe in you, love you and give you unwavering support brings this unending peace. Life gives us too many burdens not to also give us the opportunity for comfort.

Our friends, new and old, don’t have to love us the way they do, but they do.

What I realize is that it is never too late.

Everyone needs a tribe.

Find yours. @ Sun Peaks Resort