Heather’s Blog

What a great auntie you are.

I have never had a sister. But the moment I married Scott, we inherited each other.

I think I was the lucky one.

You have this infectious laugh and a joy of life that I envied. We won’t talk about your style. I used to joke that I would take scissors to your beautiful hair. I didn’t but I wanted to. Kind and thoughtful… you epitomize it all.

It wasn’t until Ryan was born and I saw you hold him did I understand that there would be other people that would love my son almost as much as I did.

He was lucky to have you.

We considered ourselves fortunate that you offered to take Ry for weekends but never thought that it was you and him that benefited the most.

You snuggled him, and took him on adventures in Hinton that brought him such joy. As the years went by, you continued to love him through the all stages. He always knew you were a safe haven.

I remember him as a baby, pointing at you and saying “Doooooo”.

We would shake our heads and wonder. It wasn’t until we caught you saying to him “ Whatcha dooooooooing “that it finally made sense.

You have been Auntie Doo since.

Thank you for being our children’s biggest champion. For dropping everything to always be there for them.

If there was a definition of what an aunt should be … it would describe you.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Auntie Doo.