Heather’s Blog

Snowbombing 2018.

A huge concert with several outdoor venues and lots of artists. Tons of events happening along with my favorite activity of people watching makes Sun Peaks the place to be.

Ryan would have been here for this. And he would have loved it.

The irony is not lost on me that I am enjoying the things he would have participated in with reckless abandon.

I am reminded of this commercial I watched where an transplant recipient completed his donor’s bucket list items.

It made me think. There are so many events, Ryan will never get to experience. That is certainly true.

He didn’t know the value of what was given and how quickly it could end. Who really does?????

Even for me, it wasn’t until last year that I decided to create a bucket list. Places to visit, books to read, people to meet, experiences to make memories out of. I set off checking things I have never done from this list. So much fun!

Why did it take so long to start? I was waiting. Waiting for the right time. Waiting for the funds to do so. Waiting until I looked a certain way.

All that time wasted.

Nothing will ever be perfect. No time will ever be right.

It has always been about carving out a time capsule of yourself for you and others to look back on and remember.

So maybe in my bucket list items, I can include some things that Ryan would have loved to do.

Like snowbombing.

And maybe a river cruise to see the Christmas markets (😬😬. Okay that one is just for me)