Heather’s Blog

My father taught me so much of what I know to be true. His values were important to how he conducted himself. How he saw himself and how others would see him. He forged the man he is today through the traditions that he learned from his father and his father from his. And so on and so forth. Ancestral and strong. Positive and negative.

He passed this legacy on to me and I have gifted my children with the same knowledge.

Today , on my fathers birthday, I witnessed a lifetime of traditions and ancestry.

It was so beautiful.

We took part in a Pipe and drumming ceremony. It was powerful and so moving. Chiefs, Elders and leaders of The Secwepemc Nation and the Neskonlith band came to pray to the Creator and call Ryan and his spirit Home.

In that moment, I felt the trueness of us being the same. I felt it in my bones. I felt it in my heart.

They came for a man they have never met. They shared their traditions and their values.

Papa Bear, you would have been moved.

You were right… we are not so different after all.

@ Sun Peaks Resort