“When the flowers, and the sky are blue, then you shall have the mountains rise up and kiss the sky as a mother would kiss her child.” ~ Anthony T. Hincks

After 18 months, I have discovered it isn’t the measureless, insurmountable mountain that I struggle to climb.

It is the acknowledgment that daily, there are endless rolling hills, gentle in height, rich in foliage and so deserving of my care and attention.

“How are you daughters coping?”

In truth, I am not entirely sure. I see them. Through weary, grief stricken eyes, I see how my two beautiful girls show up each and every day.

I am a witness to their bravery; the strength it takes to face tragedy and somehow not let it alter their self.

It takes courage to find joy where there lies injustice; to be fearless in communication even if the subject brings tears and to persevere despite obstacles.

They ask very little of us.

Incredulously, they only ask for time and shared experiences.

A safe harbour to grant them respite as they test the waters. A port that allows them to catch their breath and replenish their souls before they chart a new course. For them, there are always horizons to be explored, far away lands to discover and their own mountains to climb.

My fears and worries are not meant to contain them. World weary but a heart full of love for my girls grants me a small measure of peace.

For them, I willingly give of myself and my time. Unconditionally.

No matter the height, I have faith that we shall climb together.