Each time I travel the long winding road up the mountain, I marvel at the beauty; the majestic trees that loom large and wide, moss covered rocks that sit prettily by the creek as it’s water washes over them, cleansing and clear. They neither break nor move but stand firm against the power of the water. Curious isn’t it? Even the smallest of pebbles have the ability to change the course of a river.


Each time I travel up the long winding road, I weep at my reasons for being here.

The billboards remind me of what is lost. A nervousness settles into my bones constricting my spine, sadness seems to permeate each dreaded turn, each lengthy straightaway until tears fill my eyes and I can no longer see clearly.

Equal measure of both: breathtaking and heartbreaking.

How very normal.

Life is contrived of love and happiness, sadness and loss.

To truly understand the value of one, you most experience the pain of the other. Sorrow offers meaning and reminds us of the importance of embracing joyfulness.


Each time I travel up the long winding road, I feel the purposefulness of this journey, a strength borne out of necessity but infused in each step I shall take.

For now that will have to do.