“We all, without exception, need relationships to achieve extraordinary things.” ~ Saidi Medal

This past Saturday, Scott and I hosted a Christmas party. The intention was to invite Ryan’s friends to help us celebrate the holiday season. To do so with loving memory.

And so many came.

I looked in the faces of the friends Ryan has made over the years. I saw the brightest, the funniest and the kindest. I look at the potential in these faces and all I can see is the great things they will accomplish.

In those moments, I see Ryan. And it makes me proud. Bittersweet, perhaps, but filled with such love that my son was always surrounded by the wonder of friendships. A circle that sought to inspire, to grow together and to exemplify the true meaning of loyalty.

Scott and I were honoured that Ryan impacted so many. It speaks volumes of his character and of those who surrounded him, his whole life.

It was a night full of laughter, lots of hugs, too much food and maybe some tears.

It was imperfectly perfect.

Just as it should be.