Traditions like everything else are fluid.

You change with the times and with the circumstances. As our children grow into adulthood, nothing seems to be the same as what we planned or wanted when they were young.

They adapt and so must we.

Of course this year is different. Everything is different. I accept that things must change but I wanted it to be because we chose it. Or they did. Our children grew. They had plans for their future. They struggled to claim their own identity. What would come would be the result.

But That is not what happened.

Ironic that I have no choice but to say “ if it be your will”.

That has never been my way. I’m too stubborn and too opinionated to leave life up to chance.

I am learning.

My girls have minds of their own. Journeys they must travel. Paths only they can choose.

Traditions they may embrace or put aside.

I will learn to remember what has passed and accept what will be.

There is beauty in both if one is not so rigid.

“The rigid cause themselves to be broken ; the pliable causes themselves to be bound.” ~ Xun Zi