I know so many of you would like an update on our son Ryan Shtuka. I want so badly to say there is good news to report. Unfortunately we are still waiting. Perhaps the most agonizing thing a parent can do… knowing your child is in trouble and needs you and you can do nothing.


We have been overwhelmed by everyone sharing the status and by the love, the messages of encouragement and all of your prayers.


We are humbled and we thank you.


We are grateful to the Kamloops RCMP, Victim Services, Kamloops Search and Rescue team for everything you have done so far and continue to do. And for the over 40 volunteers that spent the day searching. You made it clear that Ryan isn’t just our son but yours as well. Your compassion and caring will not be forgotten.


We still haven’t found him and we realize that as time goes by, exposure to the elements makes the rescue more difficult. But we will keep faith because as his parents, we can do no less.