Day 3 of searching has come to a close and nothing new to report. And yet so much happened. The police with their dogs came along with the helicopter. Our most precious friends spent the day searching everywhere. Ryan’s friends did the same. There is still no sign of him. You must know hope remains but my heart feels heavier each moment that passes. Night falls and it gets colder and my son is alone. Sometimes I think I can’t bear it.


So I want to tell you one thing, about my firstborn. I want him to be real for you. Oh I know you know he is loved, by his friends and buy his family. He is smart and funny. Those are things anyone can say.


I want to tell you how much Ryan loved dinosaurs when he was young. Everyday he would ask us to play the dinosaur game. We would take turns describing a dinosaur and the other would guess the type. Scott and I started to study paleontology to keep up with Ry. Time passes and what was once a passion faded. But it is these precious moments that I am trying so hard to hold onto.
So Ryan if you are out there… “Let’s talk about ……..dinosaurs.


Thank you to everyone that has hope and prayers for Ryan. We are so overwhelmed by everyone who have gone above and beyond. You make this uncertainty more bearable. You will never know the depth of our gratitude.