What is a community except a fellowship of people that share similar goals.

Day 4 descended upon us with more and more people coming to volunteer. They volunteered their time, their knowledge, their expertise and their kindness. People that we have known forever and strangers that we have never met. The waves of love and compassion came over us. Never have I felt less alone. There is such a fierce determination to find Ryan.

I sit here with my candle burning looking at Ryan’s friends who spent the day searching for him. Is it possible at their age to know how valued they are by their peers? I am comforted by their presence. Ryan is valued and loved by his friends. He has always been surrounded by his community. If he could feel just a fraction of love that everyone has for him, then he will forever know he is blessed.
I hate the thought of another day ending without answers. I miss him and it hurts but I know that him not being found is not because our community isn’t trying. Our Alberta community or our BC community. You have our gratitude.