Our Candlelight vigil:

On behalf of Scott, myself, Ryan and daughters Jordyn and Julianna, we thank you for coming.
Saturday February 17th at 930 pm came the phone call that is every parents nightmare.
“Your son is missing.”
Shock, disbelief and this incredible sense of fear washed over us.
Why and how has now been replaced by Where.
Where is Ryan?
Each dawn starts a new day of searching and as night falls and we don’t find him bring waves and waves of despair.
But tonight is about light, gratitude and hope.
Through these many terrible days has been the love and strength given to us by our friends and family.
We have been embraced by this wonderful community.
To each and every one of our volunteers here and in Alberta:
Your generosity of spirit and your determination to find Ryan has been a blessing.
I am not sure there will ever be enough words to express how thankful we are.
It is an honour to see that our son has made such a huge impact in his 20 years on this earth.
We find comfort knowing that Ryan has spent his last three months being surrounded by such amazing people. It is a continuation of what he has experienced his entire life.
We draw strength in knowing that with everyone’s help and love, Ryan will be found.
Thank you again.