We are more then this tragedy.
Scott and I married 23 years ago. Two years later came Ryan weighing in at 5 lbs 15 ozs. So tiny, he fit in our hands. Truth be told, I thought our cat looked cuter. We were the first of friends to have children so Ryan was carted along everywhere we went. We waited 3 years before we decided to have another child. I couldn’t imagine being able to love someone as much as I loved him.
Of course now I know that love is infinite and the more you share the more you have to give. And so into our lives came the most beautiful girl, Jordyn. Precious and perfect. We thought life was complete.

And we were happy. And we grew.

Little did we know that our family was suppose to include our youngest. Sweet and funny, wild and lovely. Those are what words describe Julianna who came 8 years after our first.

I tell you this because the focus is on Ryan as well it should be. He is forever in the forefront of our minds. For this small while, we will pour all of our love and blessings into him to carry him through.
But I never forget my other babies. The smiles and look of love in their eyes shine exactly like their older brother’s.

And I remember.

Once we were all together.