25 years ago, I walked into Cook County Saloon with my friend Shelley. I’m not sure if fates collided or if it was the flow of the alcohol but there I met the man who would, 7 months later become my husband.

Scott, you have given me the greatest gift of all: this feeling of unconditional love. Despite my flaws, my sarcastic (but incredibly funny and highly intelligent) humour and this need to be right a lot of the time, you have never wavered in your support, your loyalty or your friendship.

Then you allowed me the most important creations that have ever walked this earth : my 3 perfectly imperfect children. They have shown me the ability to accept my mistakes and to grow in love and happiness. Even if their lessons were cut short.

I think maybe the trade off hasn’t been equal. From me, you have received an increasing number of grey hairs, a running commentary on your fashion choices and a reminder that I’m always right.

However I have decided you are stuck with me.

To another 25 years, my love.