~A Milestone ~

We are very pleased to announce that The Freebird Project Missing Person Society is now incorporated.

As a non profit organization, we provide the resources, skills and loving support to families of missing people.

Through our own tragedies and journeys, we have come together so that other families have a community connection to navigate through the fear and the loss.

An incredible thank you to:

Barrister & Solicitor
Hart Law Office

For helping us achieve this milestone.

What next?????

Stay tuned for an updated website that outlines resources and tools for families in need.

The Free bird Project concept is simple.

It applies to every single person that marches to the beat of their own drum. To those that want to open their wings and soar through life’s natural ebb and flow. To say to others : you are free to make your own decisions.

Specifically for us; it is for those who march forward on their own tragic journey and the volunteers that choose to help these searches, and of course for those we have lost. May they be free birds soaring among us….

You are not alone.