I was born to create.

I was born to destroy.

I was born to create again.

“Life is just a long succession of small epiphanies.” ~Danny Gregory

2019 feels so much like an awakening; this clarity that there was so much I didn’t understand but desperately yearned to know.

I wanted to know my purpose. Why must I traverse through such troubled and heartbreaking waters? To what end? Must my faith, however small and trivial be the foundation on what purpose places it’s building blocks? Or was there something more? Or perhaps it is something simpler?

But epiphanies come with frequencies to those that decide to tune in.

I sat in a quiet, meditative room, listening to the sweet sounds of singing bowls, completely out of my element. Fussy and fidgety, I struggled to listen.

But the words crept past all my barriers to tap at my soul. “Pay attention.” “This is meant for you.”

My purpose so clearly laid out. However common and plain it may appear, there lies a powerful notion that we are all connected. With the same purpose.

Whether you choose to create life, work, art, chaos, peace, or legacies there is a beautiful symmetry in the building of this world. And although there is certain to be opposing forces that bring about destruction, I believe there to be an opportunity to re-create.

Do you remember as children we took such delight in building towers of precarious heights only to joyously knock them to the ground?

Now we can decide to look at our foundations and replace the monochromatic blocks with ones more coloured and suited to us now. Over and over.

I wish for all, the ability to continue to create and destroy things that no longer serve you, in order move yourselves forward.

Happy New Years.