We are a motley crew by definition.

A group of individuals from various backgrounds, ages and life experiences. What binds us together is this unwavering commitment to Ryan and to each other.

We brave the extreme temperatures, the uneven terrain and the vast search area. Inexperience or inability to find a quick resolution doesn’t weigh us down. We persevere. It is not enough to survive this part of our life. We must thrive in spite of it.

And oh how this group has…. they are unlikely heroes. My heroes.

I can’t imagine my life without this incredible, growing community. It has been built on heartbreak, tragedy and blessings.

Sometimes.. well most times, I sit in the woods, batting flies and avoiding what I’m pretty sure must be an area filled with rapid beaver covens (is there such a thing ?) and say aloud, “ Honestly, Ryan?????????”

“Kid, I love you but you must have been crazy to have chosen me to help lead the search. Your dad ….yep you are spot on. But me???? Am I the best you could do?”

Yet here I am and here l’ll stay.

With my motley group of the most heroic people you have ever met.

Steadfast and resolute.

But just maybe armed with a little bit of bug spray. 😩😩😩