For anyone that knows me; well they might have quite a few adjectives (not sure if that is a good or bad thing really) but one we can all agree on is:

I drink wine. I love charcuterie boards. I live to travel. I obsess about reading.

I don’t enjoy laborious jobs.

Oh not like I can’t do them. I just prefer not to. In olden times, I would most certainly be a lady of leisure. Or a witch. But a woman of intelligence and shrewdness.

I tell Scott my ideas. Usually he “loves to do them”. I supervise. Perfect partnership. Except when he has lots on his plate. Then I half heartedly offer to help. Damn man took me up on my servitude.

Good thing , I’m adaptable.

Porch sanded (me) and painted (both of us).It looks fresh and new again.

Except for our son’s name that he wrote on the garage door frame. Some things are meant to last a lifetime. Or exist until they are faded beyond recognition.