A grief unveiled.

I see you my love.

I look through the heavy curtains of pain that shutters your eyes. I see the weight of sadness that stoops those broad shoulders. The same ones that were meant to carry us whole as a family. I feel the brittleness of your bones that carried a small child and longs to hold him again.

I see you, my husband.

The gentle smiles reserved for those you love the most. The kindness you extend despite an everyday pain. The hugs you wrap our girls in so that the darkness of the world can never intrude.

I see you, Scott John.

And I remember.

The joy you expressed at the news of each pending birth. The love you showered us all in. The sacrifices you made, the strength you shouldered to make us feel safe.

I see you, Ryan, Jordyn and Julianna’s father.

And I am proud.