Canada’s Day heralds the beginning of summer complete with the pride and glory of this country we call home. Decked out in our red and white, we host parties, go camping, watch fireworks…..spend well deserved time with family and friends.

What makes this weekend special???

Schools out ! No projects to do, or spelling words to memorize or crafty objects to hand in. We as parents are finally free. At least for a few months.

Summer is like calorie-free ice cream every day. (Wine for me…maybe sangria. Could I have both?)

So it is with great reluctance that I ask something from all of you.

Tomorrow I leave with Scott, Jordyn, Max and Julianna on the trip. I call it that because it will be our first. The first time we have been away from searching, the first time it has just been us and I can control nothing about what happens here with FindRyan. To add to my worries, I also made a resolution to post only as often as it feels right without the pressure I place on myself.

I will admit. I am scared.

I am afraid that I won’t be able to let go. That I won’t be able to give my family the attention they deserve. That my heart will feel empty and bereft of real joy. I fear that my guilt will be ever present.

And what panics me the most is that the momentum that both you and I have created with find Ryan Shtuka will come to a halt.

So I thought, if it was okay ….could I give you a summer school project?

Maybe you could help with the posts?

Is there a post by someone (not necessarily me) that really resonates with you? There has been thousands of posts since the inception of the Facebook site. So many wonderful and meaningful. A memory about the search? Your experiences or personal meanings since joining this site? RAK moments? Your favorite summer vacations or traditions?

With your help, I can rest easy in the knowledge that for a short while, Ryan is in good hands.

And please know how grateful I am, that every day, you search when able , that you continue to dedicate sharing the site, posting and caring so much about my son.

Ryan’s legacy is because of all of you.


Happy Canada’s Day!!!