Marriage/ Partnership roles??

After time are they engrained? Then expected ???

Like if your husband has an aversion to the laundry hamper and feels compelled to drop dirty clothing right beside it… can that be changed? Throwing them in the garbage can that is two steps further … an appropriate response ?

Are there traditional roles that you cling to?? Like a parched wife sitting in her bed awaiting the arrival of her “fauxoffe” (fake coffee cause I don’t drink the real stuff ) but one day “someone forgets” and you wait tirelessly and patiently. But never judge and allow that someone to make it up to you. That suggests forgiveness and generosity, a must for the long term.

Or is it more defined in the relationship? As in, you settle into roles and people come to expect certain qualities associated with your personality. Heather is the more outspoken one therefore Scott can be reasoned with. Now that one I take exception to. Still waters always run deep. Just because my quiet(er), husband doesn’t confront does not make him less angry. True it is rare for Scott to dislike but if he does, it is because you have done something beyond redemption. You can’t circumvent me and hope to appeal to him. We are united just different. I need to say it, Scott just needs to feel it. Unless you don’t enjoy listening to Hallelujah on repeat and then all bets are off with that man.

Relationships are complicated.

My thoughts scrambled with the delay of my drink.Carry on people.