I am loved.

I am loved by my husband. The way he looks at me is still something I’m not quite use to. Like he has been given this great gift and he wants to unwrap it slowly to truly savor the moment. Perhaps that is purest definition of marriage… a gift to be treasured at leisure.

I am loved by my children. They fill me unconditionally. I have never felt the depth of emotion before their arrival into this world. My breath is measured by their hearts beating. Is it any wonder, that now, I find it difficult to breathe deeply?

I am loved by my family. Their pride and joy in my continuous growth spurs me to try harder. They taught me the importance of values and the wisdom of my own truth. All that I am now is who they raised me to be.

I am loved by my friends. They didn’t become my tribe because of Ryan’s disappearance. We were bonded by deep friendships well before. We are one tribe. Forever forged with everlasting respect and caustic humor. It is just that now is my time. They rally because I desperately need them.

I am loved by strangers. A community of people that believe strongly in the power of connectivity. To me, to themselves and to those around them. Spreading a message of kindness, hope and love so that others may draw strength.

The earth may survive cruelty, indifference and hatred but will humanity?

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and woman loved.

But I am just one person.

All of you are so loved as well.

Humanity lives in the actions of others. Small, perhaps at first, but growing mightily.

This moment may belong to Ryan but the changes he inspired in me and you is nothing less then divine.

After all, he was so very deeply and completely loved.