“You can never plan the future by the past.”

– Edmund Burke

Despite having two children that graduated high school, I couldn’t have prepared myself for the vast differences.
Jordyn was a flurry of dress shopping, dress alterations, hair appointments and make up artistry. It was busy and chaotic but in the end, absolutely perfect.
Ryan ….well it was a late March remembering “ Mom, I think I need a tux. Can we go sometime?”. A hair cut, a buying of the corsage and we were finished. It was laid back with minimal involvement but in the end, absolutely perfect.

We survived two safe grads. Two 12:00 to 3:00 am shifts. And two 5:00 am sleepy morning pickups.

They both danced. I feel Ryan’s sporadic hand movement was maybe more memorable. But that’s only because no one in their right mind wants to dance like that. Well not if they are hoping to pick up the opposite sex. Jordyn’s years of dance made her the clear winner.

They both hung with friends on their final day as high schoolers. And what friends they had. Wonderful, supportive and kind friends. So many of Ryan’s friends attended this year’s graduation ceremony. It made my heart swell to have them come up to give their regards to Scott and I. I felt Ryan in every hug they gave us. Their loyalty, a clear mark of Ryan’s character.

It was a wonderful night for Ryan and Jordyn. Three years apart but memories abound. They came. They celebrated. They conquered.

They were different but always the same. Perfect.

There is only one left behind; to follow in her siblings footsteps. If you know Julianna …..you will already be praying for my salvation. 😬😬😩😩