“It’s a girl” the nurse who delivered you exclaimed!

So impatient to begin life, you refused to wait for anyone save a lone nurse.

Gingerly you were placed into my arms and so began a life long love affair. Sweetly you looked up a me, expectant and calm. I looked down and experienced sheer panic.

Never before had I felt such a grave responsibility, the weight of which threatened to be more than I could bare.

A perfect, beautiful girl that needed me to guide her to be pretty; pretty strong, pretty kind, pretty capable, pretty smart…. so many adjectives.

How could someone so lacking provide the environment for you to grow into a fierceness, a brilliance that refuses to be dulled by everyday life?

Who was I to mold you into the very best version of who you were meant to become ?

Would love be enough?

Your fingers curled around mine as you cooed softly.

I think in that moment I realized that I had it all wrong. You, Jordyn were given to me so that I may learn those qualities.

I never had to teach you to be anything. You came into this world with this power to create and to transform. You nurtured me and loved me to completeness.

We were given such a precious gift on the day of your birth.

You are my saving grace.

Happy Birthday baby girl.