“Have you ever thought of…. Have you considered that just maybe…..”

I get these questions all the time in some form or another.

Usually they are followed by scenarios of what has happened to Ryan. Most times they include foul play of some sort.

I am honestly not sure if the people messaging me or posting on here think these thoughts are unique to them and therefore must share them. Yes….we have thought of every possible situation that could have befallen Ryan. For every one mishap you think of, I have thought of 10 more.

I live and breathe this tragedy every second of every minute of every hour of every day. I have for the last 16 weeks. I have no respite. It shatters me into tiny little pieces that I must sweep up each day and glue back together to start anew.

What do I do with that?

In answering yesterday’s questions, there came a barrage of others.

So let me be clear.

All these suspicions… yours or mine go nowhere.

We can’t do polygraphs because at this time there is no evidence of a crime. And polygraphs are voluntary. We can’t luminol the house. It is not a crime scene. The residents have always cooperated. I hear all sorts of suggestions that appear to come straight out of a penny dime crime novel. We can’t “put the screws “ to the partygoers. They have willingly answered all questions.

I know we all want someone to blame. Someone must be responsible. Because then it makes sense. We can say “ well that would never happen to me cause I would never find myself in the same situation”. When the times comes, that might very well be true. But it also may not be.

“You need to direct the RCMP to do this and that.” For what purpose? My vastly limited knowledge of missing persons or criminal investigations? Yours? To be fair, they have been so engaged in this case. Numerous officers, tactical and canine have poured over and pondered Ryan’s disappearance. Perhaps there is more to be gleaned, I trust that they will do that.

So I am going to ask just one more time, please send posts, prayers and well wishes. Hug your loved ones, take time to enjoy the moments before they are gone. Invest in your community because it makes your neighborhood a better place to be and the world at large. Take Ryan on trips to Hawaii or Mt Everest. Come search if you can.

But do not post your speculations or ideas of where Ryan has gone. It doesn’t move us forward.

Love to you all.