As I am nearing the end of one more decade (please don’t ask.. please don’t ask 😬), I wanted to create more bucket lists. One of them is the most important to me.

I want to finish writing my book. It has been this labour of love for Ryan but more importantly a permanent expression that will outlast both Scott and I.

I, at first thought, the hardest part would be to begin writing. How do you write about a life so very ordinary and engage the reader ? There always must be a beginning and shouldn’t there be a conclusive ending ? Now I think the most difficult will be to find a publishing route.

I have given myself a deadline to complete writing by the end of the month. Before my birthday. Maybe you can keep me to task?

“Love is infinite. Life is not.
That is how I would describe my life. Ordinary. Routine. I suppose to some that sounds boring and dull, but I often think of the simple pleasures that one enjoys; ice cream on a muggy day, the fresh smell of rain that brushes away the dustiness that coats all things stationary or the great passion that comes wrapped in the arms of someone who loves you. Simple, perhaps but filled with such emotions that you could never confuse ordinary with a lack of.”

My beginning 💚