Heather’s Blog

We are on our own again today.

Our fantastic CASDDA volunteers left after searching a bit this morning.

Their leader apologized for not finding him. I thanked her for all their efforts.

“You might want to consider going home.”

I appreciate the sentiment. Makes a lot of sense really. They are trained and found nothing. Nothing in the areas they searched. Not every area here in Sun Peaks.

I am sure there are a lot of people that may echo those very thoughts.

I am tired and Scott is tired and my volunteers are tired.

But I believe.

We bore this child, we watched him grow and we love him evermore.

He deserves to have an advocate. He deserves to have us look until we are 100 per cent sure he is not here. And then search this earth for him if we have to.

And even when we might falter, I look around and see our friends and family believe. We see the volunteers that drive from Alberta, from Kelowna believe. We hear our new friends here tell us to hold fast.

So while I appreciate the sentiment, I believe and so I shall stay.