Heather’s Blog

Today is about friendships and family.

I grew up with a military father and as such, we moved around a lot. I learned to make friends with regularity. Some have endured, others were lost. We celebrated almost all holidays by ourselves in my early years. Family was our immediate and friendships were at times transient

Scott, on the other hand, grew up with close cousins and friends from birth. He stayed close to them throughout the years.

Until I met him and saw the value of both, I didn’t realize how important relationships of this nature were.

You don’t miss what you don’t know.

I wanted that same connection for our children. That feeling of being part of a community and belonging somewhere.

We have lived in the same house in the same town since Ryan was 6. Our children have gone to the same schools, competed on the same teams and played in the same playgrounds with the same group of kids. We celebrated holidays with an extended family.

And when Scott and I needed friends and family to help search for Ryan … they all came.

Our friends, Ryan’s friends, Jordyn’s and Julianna’s. Family on both sides.

All here. All searching.

Those connections we made along the way have brought us to this juncture.

But then I see that the ability from my upbringing to make new connections is just as important.

We have met new friends. My angels I call them. They have become equally as important.

And I realize our friendships, old and new, will always be the blessings that will come from this tragedy. Our families will grow stronger.

We will endure. 💚💚 @ Sun Peaks Resort