Some days I think that we are merely husks of our former selves. Burrowed deep and standing, we are unrecognizable to ourselves and to others.

And then I hear your laughter.

Like parting of the grey skies to reveal the beginnings of a soft and gentle sun. In that moment, in you, I see fresh life blooming, bursting and withering the husk within. You show me that, despite the harsh conditions we find ourselves in, the hardiest of seeds continue to grow.

You, my love, make me strong.

You, my heart, make me believe that in all things, love will always be measured by the quality of our intentions not the quantity.

You, my dear one, bear the weight of all things impossible and terrible on your shoulders yet tend to us with such infinite care.

How extraordinary you are!

How incredibly lucky we are!

I cannot grant you your most fervent wish but I can promise that beside you I will stand til the end of our days.

Happy Birthday Scott