Normally I write all the qualities I love about you but today, on your birthday, I thought maybe I would talk about the things you love.

You are a sports fanatic. You will watch any sport of any kind. You have a natural athleticism that annoys me when we both are introduced to something new. But gracious enough to allow the girls in the house to watch games with you even though we don’t understand most of it. You tell really bad dad jokes. Like I mean really bad. “What’s cheese that is not yours?” Nacho cheese ! Always followed by loud bouts of laughter. If it wasn’t old fashioned I would say you would slap your knee.
You laugh often and easily. I envy that. You love fixing things. Spending time outside puttering in the yard, the farm or the garage is your happy place. And while not everything can be fixed, you have the patience to keep trying. You tease everyone, everywhere. I swear it is a skill that you have perfected over the years. No one is safe. It drives me crazy when you do it to me. You’d think I would know better.
You love music. All kinds. “You know who sings this?” Standard question from you. “Fuel” is always the appropriate response. Not always melodic, you still love to sing. A karaoke grasshopper looking for his master.
You love hunting and fishing or anything that takes you outdoors.
But maybe the most important thing you love is us. Completely, wholly and absolutely.

Happy birthday Scott John.

“I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.” ~ Leo Christopher