Heather’s Blog

Oh my heart… I wish that today of all days, I could grant you your greatest wish. To find your son.

It seems extraordinarily cruel that you should still be searching for answers.

We are blessed that you are the steel that makes up the foundation of our home.

I am proud that our daughters will forever know what it means to be loved by the way you love and cherish them.

Our son is the man he is because he has the best role model in front of him.

The lessons he learned on what it means to be honorable comes from the man he looks up to. Steadfast, determined, gentle hearted and loving comes from you.

You had my heart on the day we met but you kept it by being a man that will go to the ends of the earth for his family.

Love, you have moved mountains. I could ask for no more. Your son could not either.

I know that your strength will bring our son home.

I pray it is soon.

Happy Birthday.