Heather’s Blog

Seasons change. Winter comes hard and fast but as the months go by, we see the tiny buds of spring blossoming.

Our spring is coming. I see it in the sun that shines and melts the snow. I feel in the warmth on my face. I hear it as it sloshes about my feet.

I know it in my heart that spring comes. And I am grateful.

Summer has always been my favorite. I was born to the beach and the water. Felt it in my bones.

Watching my children embrace the summer is a joy to me. Every weekend at the lake was a balm for life’s challenges.

Our babies made forts in trees, rode bikes over makeshift ramps, learned to ski, wakeboard and surf.

Evenings of mantracker and capture the flag, followed by fires and s’mores. I loved it all. My memories will last beyond this moment.

I realize that snow can’t last forever.

All things lost will eventually be found.

@ Sun Peaks Resort