Scott’s birthday weekend celebration officially closed tonight. We spent tons of time as a family (a pandemic will do that for you). Normally Scott doesn’t get more than a day but with this slowness in activities, it was extended. Hopefully this won’t become a trend.

We had an early supper at Fox Burger tonight. With all that if going on, it is hard to know when it is appropriate to go out or not. I’m happy we did. This place was lovely and it was clear from the onset that they are taking every precaution. We watched the staff sanitize often.

What a small world to travel all the way to the Highlands and be greeted by a fellow Beaumontian.

I hope in the days to come, we can remember our humanity, the kindness that we show to each other and a willingness to support our community.

Perhaps the one blessing in this, we are not alone. The impact we have today in our actions will be ones we will celebrate in the years to come.