Heather’s Blog

I wouldn’t say my parenting skills have always been so refined.

I like to use humour and sarcasm when dealing with kids whose ages span 8 years between the first and the last.

I will say I tend to be relaxed and fun…. until I start to count.

I begin at one “ That is one, I am going to ask you to stop”

At 2…. my voice lowers and in the most articulate way, I say” That is 2 …. do you really want me to get to 3?”

We never usually do. I was proud to say that I could still stop Ryan in his tracks at my number 2 count.

Not sure if that had more to do with my parenting skills or if my number 3 was a little off the charts.

I tried to use humour to get my point across.

I hadn’t realized that my sarcasm would rub off on at least 2 of my children.

I suppose I should have guessed.

Ryan at age 8: sharing a hotel room with Nana and Papa. Nana complains to him that he took all the blankets and she was cold.

Deadpanned he responds “ well you could always pull up those wrinkles and use them as a blanket”

Now please don’t think he was rude. Nana and Ryan share a fun loving relationship. They tease but he would never hurt her feelings.

My Christmas presents are usually addressed “ To my birth giver “.

He texted me one night while he was studying biology. You see the results.

I am glad I am not so soft or fragile. I am glad I can think of my son with humor. I am really glad that these dark days have spatters of light moments. I want to remember it all.

Sarcastic and funny… I wouldn’t want Ryan to be any other way.

But I promise that at age 21, I will stop counting to 3.