Heather’s Blog

Now I don’t want you to get the impression that Ryan was solely a mama’s boy. Sure I am cool and funny and smart. Absolutely I swear as much as a sailor. ( in my defense, I exhale on the f*#k part so it feels gentler).

But Ry loved hanging out with dad. Hockey nights, PlayStation playing hockey nights, Scott coaching Ryan that eventually led to talking about hockey.

However November was always the beginning of Scott and Ryan time.

Hunting season.

When Ryan was a baby, I dreaded November 1. I fondly refer to it as “The time of abandonment “.

But as Ryan grew older, it was clear to see that those two enjoyed the time spent together.

Early mornings with Ryan sleeping all the way to the farm, pushing bush and listening to the usually mild mannered Scott swear at every second word.

They sat in tree stands, ate homemade cinnamon buns and drove around country roads.

My basement and his room resembled a taxidermy’s dream.

Moments are moments and memories are forever. That is what I have discovered as of late, even the moments I wasn’t part of become my most precious of memories.

I think of hunting especially now baby boy because I want you to remember that your dad has the patience and the skill to move every inch of this snow to find you.

@ Sun Peaks Resort