My grief is strong today. Honestly I’m surprised that my heart breaks more today then February 17th. But Nancy says that I m softer now that despite my best efforts the cracks have widened and pains seeps through easier.

Still my son deserves to be celebrated. We had lunch at Situation Brewing. It was the last place Ryan and I went before he left to Sun Peaks. A place Scott hasn’t gone so we should the day together.

I love you Tianna Johnson Brum and Paul for decorating Ryan’s sign up to Sun Peaks. It was gratifying to have his birthday recognized in such a spectacular way.

Thank you to Bake My Day for such an awesome cake. I knew Ryan would love to have something else to represent him on this day. What they created was true to form.

We drank Pabst. Had an Ono Board from Neighbor 2 Neighbour. We cheered our son and remembered the good times.

But still I cry.

Happy Birthday Ryan.