Today is your 24th birthday love bug.

These are my most heartfelt wishes for you.

I hope you are still able to see the wonder of this world. To look for magical beings and prehistoric creatures and experience the joy of discovery.

I wish for you to continue to soar to the highest heights with the wind carrying you long past the reach of my arms.

I want to look through life with the laughter that you brought to those around you and know that even though our hearts break, you continue to make us smile.

I dream that you are savouring all the sweetness and marvelling at what lies before you. And not worrying about us left behind. We struggle and we grieve but a world that had you in it is infinitely better than a world without.

And baby boy I pray for peace. That your heart is safe and filled with all the love we have for you. Never ending for as long as the worlds exist, you are mine. Forever cherished.

Happy birthday Ryan John Marcus.