Heather’s Blog

Yesterday was not all about grief, uncertainty or sadness. It was a beautiful day filled with hope and wonder. Love abounded.

I laughed and smiled and hugged. I am pretty sure I embarrassed Ryan with my dance moves along with all of my “mom” friends. No fears baby boy….your friends from here witnessed it. So I think we are cool. I came home and cried reading all the birthday wishes and random acts of kindness. And honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We can’t always live in the grief. Sometimes we need to smile and to find joy. We should pass the gift of love and good fortune to others when we can.

The greatest gift though came today when we opened the Command Center. It was filled again with volunteers. The gift of kindness and engagement came through the messages we still received today.

Sometimes I think you must be tired of me.

But my heart expands because it seems you still believe.