Life in abundance.

That is what I would call our state of living at this moment. A state of grace.

Each day I am reminded that I must find the blessings. I think if I couldn’t then this would be just a tragedy, and I refuse to believe that Ryan’s life up until now has been anything less then a beautiful blessing.

And honestly it is not that hard. I have met so many angels.

From fundraisers, to words of encouragement, sharing the posts, to donating services so that I don’t have to leave the hill. There is nothing that hasn’t been offered.

I find it so difficult to accept. It has never been in our nature to take more then we can give. I feel awkward and uncomfortable. How can we ever repay everyone? Where does one even begin??

And then ….I read the Random Acts of kindness posts. You are still giving. You are still sharing your generosity in spirit and deeds.

Every day you are contributing to this world in a positive way. You are loving and beautiful.

You are my blessing. And when I can, I will take all the love and do my part. I will be the continuation of what you have begun.

Ryan will never be just a tragedy. He will forever be remembered and valued.

Abundantly. @ Sun Peaks Resort